Friday, 19 February 2010

Spring is on it's way...

No really, it is. Despite the fact that we have had MORE snow today and over the past few weeks. I am sick sick sick of snow. It's too cold to go out to do anything useful. I manage about half an hour before having to come and thaw out. Even with so many layers I look like the Michelin man. Blame it on poor circulation!

I wound the veg garden down over the winter, and am now planning and have started sowing for this year. I managed to clean the inside of the g/h thoroughly the other week and it is now probably cleaner than my actual house!

I have been harvesting, kale, cabbage, jerusalem artcichokes, leeks and sprouts. The latter two from Nanna's garden. Still got plenty of garlic to use up.

I have been sowing, ito the heated propagator, tomatoes, aubergines, alpine strawberries, chillis, sweet peppers and cape gooseberries. Herbs are on the windowsills.

I have also sowed into the greenhouse: cabbage, calabrese, caulis, kale, leeks and lettuce and salad leaves. I have planted 2 rhubarb crowns into the greenhouse, and two bluberry bushes and a gooseberry bush.
I have moved some strawberries inside to give them a kickstart.
I have sowed some sweetpeas in loo rolls, again in the greenhouse at the moment. The overwintering peas and broadbeans in the g/h are on flower! Not sure they will come to much as can't imagine there are any insects in there at the mo.
I also have some raspberries in a temporary pot until the next bed can be made for them.

Put some shallots in today and admired the onions and garlic that have survived the awful winter and are about 7 inches tall. Weeded the bed. Sowed some broad beans direct too as the ones that have overwintered have gone black and I am not holding out much hope for them now. If I get a glut I will just freeze some. Sowed some spring onions in a pot too, and some carrots.

Have covered a bit of the wasteland next to the house with black plastic so all the spuds will go there. They are chitting in the garage.

Looking forward now to some warmer weather so I can get out a bit more and DO stuff :o)


  1. Wow you've been busy! I was feeling pleased with myself that I'd sown a few sweet peas and nusturtiums and am chitting my potatoes! My excuse is that we're 1000 ft up a hill so it's much colder here (wont mention the polytunnel)!

  2. I find it hard to sit down and relax!