Friday, 28 May 2010

Buckets of fun!

Very excited today as my boys have helped to unearth the first spuds - this was a new experience for Dominic who looked completely fascinated although he wasn't too keen on the actual dirt! I had couple of buckets of Lady Christl in the greenhouse and they are now ready.

Some of the 'chancing my arm' squashes etc at Nanna's got caught by a really late frost - I thought they were all dead - re-sowed them and lo and behold they have come through again. My spuds here in the garden suffered but have recovered well. I now have to find enough room for another 20 or so squash, courgette and pumpkin and marrow. I have planted out 24 sweetcorn at Nanna's too, last year of trying for a harvest with them or I am giving them up.

I have started picking off the first lettuce leaves. I never wait til they are whole and always do the 'cut and come again' method as we only want a few leaves a day. I have also had some baby spring onions.

The first tiny tomatoes are forming, bizarrely not on the greenhouse ones but on one of the tumbling ones in a hanging basket.

I have less peaches forming than last year but the ones that are coming along are doing a grand job. I think the harsh winter did not suit them at all.

The boys have had the first few strawberries from the greenhouse, arguing over who gets them! And they also shared the first couple of peas too. These were sown back in the autumn and planted out in spring.

I have finally covered the brassicas with netting - hope it wasn't too late...

We are currently experimenting with sprinklers in the greenhouse for when we go away late in June. It's not totally sorted yet but hopefully will be in the next couple of weeks.

The weather is being totally random - frost one night and then blazing heatwave for a few days. I have no idea what next week will bring :o)

ooh ooh ooh edited to sayI have lots of mini mini cucumbers on the mini cucumber plant!

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