Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Sowing time begins

So having failed dismally to get any really early tomatoes sown over the Christmas and New Year period (I have done this for 2 years running and have been harvesting tomatoes from early June), I have today sown:
tumbling, marmande, moneymaker. I chose these for the simple reason that it meant the packets could be thrown away! I don't like to have too many opened packets. I shall sow a few more in a couple of weeks.

I also sowed a few chillis (bulgarian carrot which have done well for me in the past, cayenne and jalepeno), and a few sweet peppers (yellow bell and californian wonder), although this is the last year I am going to try as I have not had any great success with them.

I have not sown any aubergines, I might get a plant from the garden centre later in the year, as they have not produced for me 2 years running.

I have also sown some alpine strawberries and some cape gooseberries.

All seeds have gone into the heated propagator on the east facing windowsill upstairs.

I have also sown a few herbs - parsely, oregano (or dust, as that's how small the seeds are) and basil.

I am still pulling parnsips and leeks. I pulled the last of the carrots last week, they had survived the awful december condidtions really well! Managed to clear out the greenhouse the other week too, as this did not get done late autumn as it was too cold and snowy and icy for so long. I need to give it a wash -out too.

No pictures as pictures of bare soil in the propagator wouldn't be very interesting!

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